How to Make More Money in Adsterra With PopAds Traffic: New Traffic arbitrage trick

Adsterra is an ad network that helps publishers monetize traffic and earn money.

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So, today, I'll show you the easiest way to make money on the Adsterra network using popads traffic.

It is my easiest method of getting more traffic and money because I spend less time sharing links on social media or doing SEO by buying it on PopAds and then selling it to Adsterra. It is a trick called traffic arbitrage (buy cheap traffic and sell it high). For example, if I buy 1000 impressions on PopAds with a cost of 0.13 cents and sell on Adsterra with a CPM of 0.8 cents, my profit here will be 0.67.

It is the quickest strategy and most profitable one. However, sometimes it can become the worst thing, so read on to get the complete and correct information.

Wait… Before we go far, check out my recent earnings on Adsterra from the screenshot below.

earnings on Adsterra from the screenshot
earnings on Adsterra from the screenshot

Here's how I did it.

First, I create and deposit funds on my Popads account. There are several ad networks, but I like this network because it has cheap and unique traffic. 

Also, I liked them because of their minimum deposit, which is $10.

After that, I created a campaign with a direct link from my Adsterra account. In the screenshot below is a setting of the campaign.

the setting of the campaign on PopAds
the setting of the campaign on PopAds

The process is easy; at first, I place a low bid, which is 0.00005; I allow all countries so I can understand which one has reasonable CPM rates on Adsterra's side. Once I receive 300 to 1000 impressions, I optimize the campaign by removing low CPM countries and leaving the ones with high CPM; then, I increase the bid from 0.00010 to 0.00013.

I prepare for the unexpected: as CPM rates on Adsterra fluctuate, I stay vigilant; when I see low CPM again, I repeat the process and optimize a campaign once it hits 600 impressions. It is crucial; you need to optimize it to avoid loss.

That is it. If you'd like to try this method, start with only $10; after seeing good results, you may expand later.

Use my PopAds and Adsterra referral links to register your accounts on these platforms.

I wish you the best of luck!

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