Download Kisa Cha Nabii Mussa Na Filauni Mawaidha Mp3 | By Sheikh Abdi John

Sheikh Abdi John
Sheikh Abdi John

Download and listen to Kisa cha nabii Mussa na filauni mawaidha in an mp3 audio file by sheikh Abdi John.

This is a speech about the popular story of the prophet Mussa; Sheikh Abdi tells a detailed story of how the prophet Mussa was born, grew, received the command of the Almighty lord, and finished the administration of the pharaoh. This is one of the best-educated story to ever happen in the world.

Sheikh Abdi Juma is a popular motivational speaker from Uganda who used to educate believers of Islam religion to obey Allah and remind them about His (Allah's) severe punishment.


Speaker: Sheikh Abdi John
Language: Swahili
Estimated Time: 1:11
File Size: 25.1 

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