Sheikh Walid Alhad - Tafsiri ya surat maauun | Mawaidha ya kiislamu Download Mp3 Audio

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Download and listen to Mawaidha ya kiislamu by Sheikh Walid bin Walid Alhad talking and explain about the tafsir of the holy Quran for surat Maaun here. (tafsiri na maelezo ya surat maaun)

Sheikh Walid Alhad - Tafsiri ya surat maauun

Sheikh Walid Alhad is a popular Muslim sheikh and religious motivational speaker in East Africa, Tanzania. 

He was also appointed by the Tanzanian Muslim Council (Bakwata) as a Chief sheikh for the Dar Es Salaam region.

Download tafsiri ya surat maaun mp3 audio by Sheikh Walid Below

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