Money SMS app review: payment proof [ Is it Safe or Scam? ]

Money SMS App official website's homepage
Money SMS App official website's homepage

The internet has changed the world and brings many opportunities to make money online using computers and phones. In my previous posts, I've shared a way to make money by monetizing traffic if you don't have a blog and how to make money on WhatsApp

As a continuation of the Finance category of this blog, I will review the Money SMS app in this post. How it works, how much you can get paid, its payment methods, and minimum payouts.

What is Money SMS?

Money SMS is an Android app paying users for test SMS from telecom and mobile network providers. These providers need to check if their SMS delivery to foreign countries. So they spend the money on the Money SMS team, and Money SMS pays their active users for receiving this kind of SMS on their behalf.

See the example SMS you may receive from Money SMS app on the screenshot below

Sample messages received from the Money SMS App
Sample messages received from the Money SMS App

Is Money SMS Safe or Scam?

This app is safe and legit because I've been using it for a long time since 2020 when I knew about it. They have been paying me, and below is the proof of payment I got from them. 

Money SMS App payment proof
Money SMS App payment proof

The minimum payout threshold is $2. However, you can't let it be the source of income because the amount you make per SMS is low, from 1 cent to 2.

How do you make money with the Money SMS app?

To make money with money SMS is very easy. Download the APK file from the Money SMS official website, install it, and register your phone number. Confirm it by providing the verification code sent to your phone, and you're done. Connect your phone to the internet and run the app.

Use my Money SMS referral code (3B8E0E6E9B) upon registration to receive a $0.50 bonus.

Primary ways of making money with Money SMS

The three ways below are the significant ways that can let you earn sweet money from this app.

1. Receiving SMS

The first way to earn money from Money SMS is by receiving SMS. As we have said earlier, Telecom SMS providers and Mobile network operators need to test and ensure the delivery of their SMS to foreign countries. So, when you run the app on the internet, you allow the app to send you those test SMS on your phone, and that's how you make money. 

Money SMS pays from 0.01 to 0.02 cents per test SMS, which means you make a dollar for receiving 50 SMS. 

2. Sending test SMS

The second way to make money on the Money SMS app is by sending test SMS to other users. This means you allow the app to use your phone number to test SMS delivery to mobile networks in your country.

You'll need a strong internet connection and credit to send SMS for this option. It has a higher rate compared to the first one. You make 0.15 cents per SMS sent using your number. However, keep in mind that the recipient will see your number when you send an SMS. 

3. Referral Program

The last way to make money with the Money SMS app is by referring friends to join the app. With the money SMS referral program, you get the chance to earn a bonus of 30% of withdrawals for each user who joins the program using your referral code. Just make sure you encourage friends to use your referral code upon registration, and they will receive the 25% bonus for using your code.

Money SMS Payment methods

Money SMS provides secure payment options for all users. They support PayPal, Bitcoin, and Litecoin as the primary payment methods.

However, they have a fee of 0.1 EUR for the Bitcoin payment method, while PayPal and Litecoin don't have any fees.

Money SMS available in which countries?

The app is available in many countries. However, there are no specific countries that are mentioned in Money SMS to be unavailable. If you don't find your country upon registration, Money SMS isn't available in your place.

Last words

Above is the review of the Money SMS App. Money SMS app is a legit and safe app that lets a user earn some extra cents online, which can pay some bills like mobile bills and others. So, if you've been looking for an easy way to make money online, try this app. You can increase the chance of earning more money by connecting your phone to the internet every time and having credit for sending SMS.

Money SMS is safe and can't read users' private messages or access and use the user data. You can read more about their privacy policy right here.

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