How to apply Wallpaper (image/picture) on WhatsApp Home-Screen page - Useful tricks

WhatsApp Home screen page wallpapers

Learn how to apply your image or pictures on your WhatsApp home screen page and let your WhatsApp homepage look beautiful to the next level. 

As known, we can only add pictures on WhatsApp chats as wallpaper on the chat screen page, but not on the home screen. This makes the appearance look scary to some people.  

So in this post, you'll understand how to apply photos as wallpaper on the WhatsApp home page too in case you've been spending a long time to know it.

How to apply Wallpaper on WhatsApp Home-Screen

Now, to add an image on WhatsApp Home as wallpaper, you shall figure out the following steps;

  • Open OG WhatsApp
  • Go to the OG setting
  • Click on Universal
  • Click on Colors
  • Click on Background and click photo
  • Locate your photo and apply it
  • Done

Download WhatsApp Mod (OG, FM, GB OR YO WHATSAPP)

To add an image to the WhatsApp home screen, we'll need to use a third-party app because WhatsApp doesn't have that feature. So consider downloading one mod you like here. I've listed different mods there, it's on you to choose which will suit you.

Download and install it then after that continue to the final steps.

Applying image wallpaper on WhatsApp home screen

Now here I'll use OG WhatsApp to address it but it same applies to all mods.

Open your app and once you're on the home page, look on your upper side on the right of the screen to find three dots. Click on them the choose OG Settings. Right there, find and click Universal. Now click on colors, then click the background to find more options. Select a photo to browse your local images, then select whatever image you wish to appear on the home screen of your WhatsApp app. Finish by clicking on set wallpaper.

Up to there, you're done by applying your new home screen image wallpaper on WhatsApp.

Watch Video Tutorial


WhatsApp is the most social messaging app that we use to communicate with others often. To make it pretty much fresh and enjoyable, we shall add some tricks to it. Here I've shown you how to apply an image/picture on the WhatsApp home-screen page. I hope you like this. If so, make sure to spread it to the world by sharing this post. Thank you for your time.
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