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Back then, I thought starting a blog would be an easy job. I was like, aah! Should I fail to sit down, take a computer, and begin to write? It is impossible; however, I realized I was wrong to think like that soon after I launched this blog. 

Honest, blogging is only easy when you do it as your hobby and passion, but if you want to make it a successful career that earns you money and customers and drives significant traffic, then you need to learn a lot from former bloggers who have already been in the game for a while and experience a lot of challenges to make sure you know some mistakes that, as a blogger, you need to avoid.

Sometimes, when I look at my old articles, I see much more progress on me now than it was before. I used to learn and implement daily, which helped me a lot.

So, as they said, every day is a learning day. Today, I'll share my top blogs that are very helpful for teaching the fundamentals of blogging.

This will also be a valuable article to you, especially for my fellow beginners who want success from their blogs.

I could keep this article long by mentioning many blogs here, which will be more challenging, but I like to be clear, so I chose only high-quality blogs that produce fresh and helpful articles that help beginners grow their blogs.

Here are the four helpful blogs for learning a blogging career.

1. ProBlogger

The number one blog is ProBlogger, a professional blog owned by Darren Rowse that helps bloggers add an income stream to their blogs by providing helpful content, e-books, podcasts, and resources.

On ProBlogger, you can learn from scratch how to start a blog, create good content, find readers, and make money on it.

What I like about this blog is that it provides professional tips for free that you can't find anywhere.

2. BlogTyrant

Second is BlogTyrant, a free blog providing helpful content and tools to help new bloggers start a successful blog online.

BlogTyrant started in 2010 and is still active, giving the ultimate guides on starting a blog, finding the right keywords, and getting more traffic from Google.

3. BloggingBasics101

BloggingBasics101 is a free blog created by Jessica that deals with helping small blogs to succeed in their career. Jessica Knapp has been a blogger since 2006; she uses this blog to share her experience through this journey.

Honest, I like this blog as it sounds more friendly, and Jessica does a lot to give full support to newbies.

Some helpful content you can find is How to start a blog, choose a blogging platform, choose a niche, and boost your blog's success. I recommend you check out this blog, too.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the popular sites that provides a lot of valuable content related to blogging. Besides this, HubSpot helps content creators grow their online presence by giving tips and tricks on digital marketing strategies that boost business.

Moreover, HubSpot provides premium blogging resources like Content Management System and live chat features for its users for free.  

5. NOMADasaurus

NOMADasaurus is the best travel blog; I've yet to see other good travel blogs online like this. This a blog dedicated to giving help to new bloggers who wish to start or want to grow their travel blog.

NOMADasaurus is a travel blog founded and managed by two people, Alesha and Jarryd, in 2008.

They give the best guide to starting an adventure travel and travel photography blog with free content from within the site, free e-books, and emails. I recommend this one to those who like running a successful travel blog.

Final thought

Blogging is an enjoyable job; you do what you like anytime, and most, you make money with it. However, to reach this stage, you should invest one of the following: time, money, or effort.

As the days pass, more challenges increase in the game. People launch blogs every day, and everyone wants to be the first. You might face low organic traffic from Google and Bing, getting disapproved by ad companies and affiliate markets for poorly written content, poor ranking on searches like Google, and many more. 

All of these are challenges you may encounter, so the best way is to learn and gain skills to run a blog that can stand out in the crowd and interest readers from expert bloggers and implement them in your journey.

There are many blogs where you can learn some crucial fundamentals of blogging, but the ones I mentioned here are the best ones that give new and unique skills to beginners.

Go and check them out; I hope you'll like them.

Also, to succeed in blogging, you need to have a clear and specific niche you are passionate about, create high-quality content that is helpful and engaging to your audience, consistently publish new content, and promote your blog through social media and other online channels. Additionally, you should build relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your niche and engage with your readers through comments and social media. Finally, be patient, persistent, and willing to learn and adapt as you grow your blog.

By: Belle Tech

Hi, this is Salum Belle. I like to write tech articles on my blog.

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