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Greetings to all the lovers of WhatsApp mods. Let me share the latest version of the GBWhatsApp mod for Android users.

The app has added excellent updates in security, including the low chance of getting banned.

So, without any further ado, let's get into it...

GB WhatsApp V.9.81

GBWA mod is an unofficial app that uses WhatsApp APIs to provide the service.

The appearance of GB WhatsApp looks the same as on official WhatsApp; however, What's unique is that GBWA includes some useful extra features you can't find in official WhatsApp; that's why it is called the mod of WhatsApp.

This means everything in the Whatsapp mod app is the same as the original WhatsApp, starting from appearance and everything. Still, features like hiding the last seen, view status, and themes keep it different from the original app.

The following are the critical features of GBWA's latest update:

What's new on the latest APK of GB WhatsApp Mod

  • Improved security (No more ban)
  • Hide view status (view stories without getting seen)
  • Freezing the last seen
  • Changing appearance (applying cool customized themes)
  • Read deleted messages
  • View deleted stories
  • Share a message to 100+ contacts at the same time
Besides these, you can find many more cool features in GWA.

Download GBWA's Latest APK Update

Below is the download link of GB WhatsApp's latest updated APK for your Android OS. The file contains the size of MB70.98.

You'll be redirected to another page, so on that page, click to download and wait for a few seconds; your file will automatically start to download.

Once done, locate the APK file and open it to start the installation.

After completing the installations, you can continue with registration and enjoy the app. 😊


GBWhatsApp is the first in a series of WhatsApp mods to be developed. The app continues to do good till now due to its helpful and essential features. 

In the post, I've provided the latest APK so you can enjoy all the cool features available in the newest version of WhatsApp GB. 

I hope you've enjoyed it. Remember to share this post with your friends there. Thank you.
By: Belle Tech

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