Download FIFA 14 For Android Latest APK + OBB Data | Unlocked Manager Mode and Tournament

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Bringing back to old-school games. Only Android game lovers will understand this. 

All credits go to the author of the Game - EA Sports Team

Greetings. I'm excited to bring the E.A. Sport Fifa 14 for Android phones today to my blog. This game is currently unavailable on the Play Store, the same on the App Store. It's available on Up-to-down; however, you can't purchase game modes.

The good news is that I'll provide links with an OBB plus APK that has already unlocked these features. I've tested it, and it works fine on Android 4.0 and Android 5.0.

The game contains a file size of 1.8 GB of OBB and 16.5 MB of APK. So, let's get into it.

What is FIFA 14?

Fifa 14 is a football game developed and launched by E.A. Sports Inc. E.A. Sports Inc. launched FIFA 14 for PlayStation 2 and 3, Computers, and Mobile devices (Android). 

Fifa 14 has excellent realistic features and graphics, making it the best user-choice game of that period. I remember I was used to playing this game on my Tecno Mobile with 510 of RAM and enjoying it much. HA-HA. 

You can watch the video below. I uploaded it 5 years ago, showing how to get and play it on an Android 4.0 device.

P.S. I'm curious if the above method still works, so consider using the provided links here on this post if you encounter errors in the video.

Fifa 14 Features & Modes

Fifa 14 has an enjoyable feature that lets players enjoy the game to the fullest. Below are some of the critical parts of the game;
  • Manager Mode - Be a club manager and control everything in the club. Selling and signing new players, preparing the best team for competing with other clubs, and winning cups like the Main League and UEFA League.
  • FIFA 14 has a tournament mode where you can play different leagues like UEFA, Supercup, English, and Spanish
  • Penalty shoot-out
  • Kick Off
  • Match Of The Week
  • Ultimate Team 
Those are some modes you can find in the game. However, I've experienced some errors while playing Ultimate mode in Fifa 14. The developers were making a mistake there because even the online mode shows errors, too. By the way, you can try it yourself, too. It may work for you since we use different devices.

Controls in FIFA 14 for Android

The game has excellent controls designed to work according to different devices for any user, beginners and pros. 

Control you can find while playing Fifa 14 on Android

  • Joystick - has really optimized, so I can't get lag
  • Skills move button - which is used to make different styles, skills, and moves to the player
  • Shoot button for creating a powerful shoot to score against the opponent
  • Sprint button to let the players sprint and run fast
  • Pass control for making shot shots, assists, and passing the ball to other players on your team 

Screenshots for FIFA 14 Android Game

Check out some screenshots of FIFA 14 for Android

FIFA 14 For Android Gameplay Screenshots

How to download and play Fifa 14 on an Android phone

Download FIFA 14 OBB + Data below

Use Zarchive to extract OBB data to the SDcard/Android/Obb folder.

Install the APK

Run the game

NOTE: First, extract the data before installing the APK file.

Watch the Fifa 14 Gameplay


E.A. Sports is one of the best football game developers for many consoles and devices. In this post, I've provided the FIFA 14 game for Android, which was developed by this company. You can download and play it for free on your phone. If you've enjoyed this post, consider sharing it with others.

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