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Image of Sheikh Mohammed Bayile
Sheikh Mohammed Bayile

Download and listen to Mawaidha ya kiislamu from Sheikh Ismail Bayile about Nabii Muhammad (S.A.W) atakapouombea ulimwengu (umma) katika siku ya qiyama.

This was a famous speech from Sheikh Mohammed Ismail Bayile before he passed away. He talked about how the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) would pray to Allah, seeking forgiveness for his people. 

Sheikh Mohammed was a motivational speaker who was loved for his excellent way of speaking, motivating people to worship Allah, and warning believers in Islam about the day of judgment. (Qiyama)

Download Mawaidha Ya Kiislamu - Nabii Muhammad (S.A.W) Atakapouombea Ulimwengu Siku Ya Qiama MP3 Audio

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