11 Tips To Use Instagram Effectively – Boost Account Engagements and Security

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According to Demand Sage, Instagram has over 2.5 billion monthly active users. This number shows how much it is worth using Instagram to increase sales, leads, or traffic to your blog/site.

Wherever your purpose is, ensure you do the correct targets and techniques to reach your dream goal.

Are you looking for Instagram tips & tricks that will boost sales and website traffic and improve account security? In this article, I'll share 11 pro tips to apply to your account to use Instagram effectively. These tips will boost the attraction of your account to the users, acquiring Instagram trust in your account and increasing account security. Let's go.

1. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication: This will ensure your account stays safe; every time you log in, Instagram will ask for a security code beside the password.

2. Add profile photo: Anything, whether your image or brand logo, helps people recognize you.

3. Use a simple username: This will help people to remember you easily. Avoid using confusing usernames like salum_25746_belle.

4. Add a name: Name your account as it is on your blogs or site so fans can easily find you.

5. Create your bio: Describe yourself a little by using your bio. Always keep it short and precise.

6. Add your blog/site link: Adding a link will allow you to start receiving traffic from Instagram

7. Publish a post: Posting the first post on your profile will help you describe a lot, and people can get to know you well and share their thoughts.

8. Add some highlights: This can be your books, products, or anything you've posted on stories. Highlights feature kept them forever, and users can easily see and view them anytime.

9. Follow others on Instagram: Follow those doing business or create content like yours to see how they keep engaged with their followers.

10. Run a giveaway post and add participation rules, including asking people to tag other friends on the comment as a ticket to win the prize. This tip doubles your account engagement.

11. Switch to business mode: Switching to business or professional mode will allow you to see how your account performs, like total engagements, shares, and which content is doing the best.

These are the 11 tips you can use to use your Instagram effectively. 

In addition, there are more things to do to keep your account more effective, such as running ads, commenting on other posts that are similar to your business or profile, and sharing helpful or engaging content. Also, you need to stay active and reply to new DMs and comments; this will let the audience keep in love with your profile.

That's all. Did I miss any tips? Add it up in the comment below.

By: Belle Tech

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