Telegram messenger has official released story feature

Telegram stories feature
Telegram LLC has officially released the stories (status) feature on their latest application update.

Users can easily share daily moments in Telegram stories regarding videos and images like on WhatsApp Messenger.

Telegram stories allow sharing of long videos as long as 60+ seconds compared to WhatsApp stories, which are only 30 seconds per clip.

Also, you can choose how long the story you like to be visible after being shared. At the moment, 24 hours is a default timer, but you can set it to 48, 12, or 6 hours if you've subscribed to the Telegram premium plan.

In privacy, you can choose who you want to share your stories with. Available options are with everyone, your contacts, close friends or the only chosen one. (you can do live updates on privacy who can see your story)

Also, you can choose if you want your story to be screenshotted or not by applying to Allow Screenshots button.

Another available privacy feature is to keep to the profile. You can choose whether to keep the story to your profile even after it expires in 24 hours by turning on the option or turn off if you don't.

Also, you can apply to Stealth Mode. This lets you view others' stories without letting them know you've viewed them. Telegram will not conclude you on the viewer's list.

Stealth Mode available on the Telegram premium

Oho! This is really amazing 👌😍

How to get access to telegram stories?

If you use an outdated Telegram, you can see others' stories update on the screen, but you can't share yours until you update to the latest version.
  • Sign in to your Google account on your phone
  • Open the play store and search for a Telegram
  • Update it then open the app
Now you can find the "My Story" button on the upper left side of the app.

So what do you think about this new feature on Telegram? will it beat WhatsApp Messenger in the future?

Share your thought about the progress of Telegram and the competition between these 2 messaging apps in the comments option below.

Welcome to Telegram stories!!!!!


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