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Join the 10+ WhatsApp groups for free from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Discover new people to share ideas together from East Africa. Join WhatsApp Groups via the links below. 

Join WhatsApp groups za vichekesho, WhatsApp groups za ajira and Students WhatsApp groups for free.

WhatsApp Group Link

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app around the internet world. It provides efficient and optimal service of connecting the world together. People from Tanzania and Kenya or anywhere in the world can contact their friends, sisters and brothers with faster connection using WhatsApp instead of using normal calls which has a poor connection and contains costs.

Recently WhatsApp introduces groups. Users can create groups and add friends by using their numbers. Later on, WhatsApp added a new smart way of adding friends without having their phone numbers. Admin can generate group links that can be used by anyone who hasn't been removed by admin to join a certain group. This is a simple way to invite more members to the group without having their WhatsApp numbers.

Where to find WhatsApp Group Links?

You can find new group links by requesting your friend on WhatsApp if they have or by using my blog here you can find relevant group links to join. Join my email newsletter to stay up to date on new WhatsApp Groups Links when shared here direct to your email box.

10+ Active WhatsApp Groups in Kenya and Tanzania

Below are the group's links, you can use each link to join now. 

P.S. I encourage you to follow the rules of the groups. You're not allowed to spam or share un relevant messages on the groups. Participate well and obey group laws otherwise, you'll be removed.

How to join a WhatsApp group via a link

How to join a WhatsApp group via link

  • Download and install WhatsApp on your phone or (computer using WhatsApp web)
  • Register and confirm your number
  • Click the link provided here (you'll be redirected to the WhatsApp group invitation page)
  • Click join

Let me know in the comment if you encounter any problems.
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