WhatsApp Secrets Revealed: Tricks You Need to Try

WhatsApp Secrets Revealed: Tricks You Need to Try

WhatsApp Secrets Revealed: Tricks You Need to Try

While internet users increase, WhatsApp has become the most popular app that everyone wants on their new phone.

This is normal. For instance, here in Tanzania, a lot of folks used to communicate via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Only a few are approaching Telegram and other social networks.

Chatting with others in groups, sharing stories and sending voice messages makes users enjoy and felt in love with the app. But, knowing some secret tricks will be more cool, won't it?

In this article, I will share with you the outstanding tricks you should try on WhatsApp.

And without further ado... Let's start.

Group Join Request

Did you know that the group Admin can now approve new participants? The approve new participants setting allows admins to see who wants to join the group and decide to approve or not.

This help admins grow, protect and moderate their group. So, if you own the group, then consider trying this.

To do so, tap the group name, scroll down, and then click on group settings. On the Admins Can option, turn on Approve new participants.

WhatsApp Secrets Revealed: Tricks You Need to Try

Now you'll see everyone who requested to join the group on the Pending Participants option.

Add Other Participants

Now group admins can allow their members to add others without giving group management. In the past, only Admins can add participants to the groups. But, as a result, WhatsApp unleashes this feature. This will help Admins to grow their groups with the help of members.

Again, follow the above steps. While you're in Group settings, turn on the Add other participants on participants can option.

Chat Lock

Last but not least. You can now increase privacy by using the chat lock mode, as it will keep the locked chats separate from other chats. You'll be able to choose a lock type based on the phone's password, passcode or fingerprint (if the phone support it).

To lock the chat, click the name of who you wanted to lock. Scroll down, then tap the chat lock. At there, turn on Lock This Chat With (your phone lock type). Confirm your passcode to lock. After locking the chat, the app will display a pop-up to confirm that the chat is now locked. Click the View button. You'll see the locked chats.

You'll find the locked chats on the Chats tab by scrolling down.

NOTE: Make sure you click the "view" on the pop-up. Clicking the "cancel" button will cancel the lock.

WhatsApp Secrets Revealed: Tricks You Need to Try

Wow! These tricks are surprising. Please, can you tell me the one you liked the most today in the comments below? It would be great if you could share in the comments which trick you liked the most today. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

I hope you've enjoyed the article. If so, encourage other friends to look out for these exceptional tricks by sharing the post link with them.

Image by Heiko from Pixabay
By: Belle Tech

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