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WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging platforms around the globe. People are staying connected and getting closer by using this platform.

It's easy for anyone to download and start using WhatsApp. Start by messaging someone, sharing your status, and making a call. They made these to be easy for all users. Now what if we add extra tricks to it? It will be much better, wouldn't it? I hope it will.

Learn how to text on WhatsApp without saving a number, avoid unwanted groups, and block unknown calls in my article today. Without further do, let's dive into it.

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    How To Start A Chat Without Saving A number

    Now you can start a chat with any number on WhatsApp, even if it's not on your contacts list. To do so, copy on your clipboard the number you want to start a chat with, open WhatsApp, click the chat icon, and then search, instead of typing the name, paste the number. You'll see the contact and you can now start a chat by clicking the CHAT icon.

    How To Prevent Being Added To The Groups Without Your Permission

    Some people are there just to kill the vibes of others. Just think, you're online, chatting with some friends, then immediately you see someone add you to their groups without even telling you. :( Isn't it annoying? Now, if it's annoying, we have to prevent that. 

    While you're on the chat tab, look on the upper side on your right. You'll see three dots. Click on it then go to settings, privacy and scroll down until you see groups. Click on it then decide who can add you in groups. You can choose My Contacts if you need to be added with your contacts only, or click My Contacts Except and mark them all if you need no one.

    How To Stop Receiving Calls From Unknown Contacts

    You don't know me but still make a call. Why men? People really know how to ruin our day... Ha Ha. Let us stop them. Again, click the three dots, then settings, go to privacy scroll down until you find calls. Click and turn on that button. You've done it.

    Final Words

    So we're at the end of the article. I hope you've really enjoyed and learned these amazing tricks on WhatsApp. I'll be happy if you take the time to share this post with others. Until the next one, Cheers! 
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