Top Websites For Free And Premium Blogger Templates

Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Blogger is free and the best blogging platform for millions of people. This publishing platform is owned by Google, which allows users to create multiple blogs on the same account under the sub-domain '' but also, you can use custom domains and that is free too.

There's no need of being surprised why we choose Blogger. It's easy to use. Faster set up, and it hosts our millions of content all for free. Again, we get the chance to earn money through AdSense and other third-party advertisements by monetizing the blog using the advertiser's special codes.

However, available Blogger themes are outdated, so most templates are not ready for advertisements. That's why we use custom themes which are well-optimized for increasing earnings.

I know. A lot of us are stuck on where to find quality and updated templates that can suit and optimize earnings. I Used to be the one too until I master the platform and know where to get well-designed templates for my first blog, so I understand this situation.

That's why today I decide to list the best websites that are providing high-quality templates for the free and premium versions.

I used these websites for a while now since I started my passion for blogging. Their themes are cool and updated almost every time. Hope you'll like this list.

Important Notice: Make sure you read the license of the template before applying to your blog. You can download free templates from all sites here, but make sure you check their licenses in the directory of each file.


Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

BTemplates is the place to find cool and well-designed blogger themes for free. It's been there since 2008 till now. They have tons of free as well professional themes in a lot of styles like Gallery, Magazine, Minimalist, Elegant, Girly, Simple and Store.

About 4,413 templates are free to use, what a love?

Browse and pick your new template on Btemplate here


Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Gooyaabi is my second choice for finding new blogger templates that renovate my blogs. They have a lot of themes that are responsive designs, mobile friendly, optimized for SEO and AdSense ready.

Also, they have a free forum where you can ask questions and get faster replies.

Here's the link to Gooyaabi Templates 


Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Sora Templates are the best site for free blogger templates. They have a collection of responsive templates that are SEO-friendly. Surprised thing, they provide WhatsApp support where you can quickly get the answers.

However, I notice that they stop bringing updates of new themes in recent days, but still; the website is live, which means you can find available templates.

Have a look at SoraTemplates


Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Another site for free blogger templates is TemplateLib. For high-quality templates which are designed for fast loading, beautiful layouts, custom widgets and responsive ones, then this site is suitable. They provide all of that features.

They regularly update new themes so you can get the latest designs which can fit your blog.

Link to TemplateLib


Websites For Free & Premium Blogger Templates

Tamplateify is the best website that provides free and premium blogger templates. Wide range themes with full SEO optimized and AdSense friendly. They upload new themes every day.

Also, they have customer support via WhatsApp so, you're free to ask anything related to their service and got the answers immediately.

Check all themes on the Tamplateify website

So here are the top 5 websites that are the best at providing free & premium blogger templates which can only not increase earnings but also will optimize the SEO. However, I recommend you buy a premium template if you afford to do that, as you'll avoid limits and some license & copyright issues.

Remember to pick out the quality template that is loading faster. Read more here on what to avoid while choosing the template.

Please, if you have any problems related to this article, then ask in the comments below. Share this post with your friends. Don't forget that sharing is caring.

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