Ultimate Guide to Engaging Blog That Drives Traffic

Strategies For Creating Engaging Blog That Drives Traffic

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Engaging Blog Content That Drives Traffic

It is not a problem when you come up with the idea of creating a blog because it's a part of expressing feelings, knowledge, talent and what you like.

It does not require you to pay money for having a blog. There are a lot of platforms that allow you to create it for free. One of them is a Blogger by Google Inc.

This platform is popular for its service of managing content like images, texts and videos, all for free. Users are required only to own a Google account to access this service.

However, most of the blogs end up failing due to a lack of technique and plans. Yes, it's free to create a blog, but make sure you create it with professional and outstanding strategies which will lead to your blog lasting for a long time.
In this article, I'm going to share with you my strategies for a blogging career that will help to create an interactive and exceptional blog.

By the way, I am not a professional blogger, but I am attempting to share some ideas that I believe could assist you in your future progress.

What are some specific strategies for creating an Engaging Blog That Drives Traffic?

Basis short time of experience in blogging, I've understood some key strategies that would direct increasing blog traffic and engaging with the readers. I used to read out on famous blogs like ShoutMeLoud, HubSpot and on Neil Patel. Not only there, but I've also deep doing research on forums and groups including Quora, Facebook groups and Reddit. What I learn is in order to have a blog that drives traffic and engages with the community, you must apply the following strategies;

  • Find your Hobbie

The first strategy to create an interactive blog is Hobbie. This can sound like not important, but trust me, a hobby is a key to success. When you do a thing that is your hobby, becomes your passion. What next? Passion gives you the motivation to do things correctly in a good way.

You'll understand what people need at what time and how to give full details so they can understand and learn something.

You cannot blog about food and cooking while your hobby is fashion. About 90% of it you'll do it roughly.

While having a hobby related to your blog topic can certainly help provide inspiration and expertise, it's not necessarily essential. What's most important is having a genuine interest in your blog topic and a willingness to learn and share your knowledge with your readers.

So go with your hobby first.

  • Do More Research

Once you've decided to go with your hobby, it's time to do some research. What things do people ask, and which things complicated them? This will give an image in your mind of where you gonna start and solve the issues they face.

Typically, do your research by joining groups that may refer to your hobby on social media like Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram. As well as on forums. Quora becomes the best forum where people ask more questions every day. Go there, create your account and join some spaces according to your hobby. Note down questions 5 to 10. Furthermore, using free tools like Google Trends will help too on finding relevant ideas that people are looking for.

  • Quality Of Content

Now you've all questions and ideas in your hand. It's time to write content that will provide answers to the questions. 

Don't get bored with spending a lot of time on creating content, as good content always takes time. A lot of time. A well-written content could take 7 to 48 hours, this is to ensure the intended message delivery.

They say good content is always a king and to write better content you must do deep research, in and out and here is where the hobby will play its role. You'll not provide good content to anything you don't know. Produce a good details article so people can find the answers to what they're looking for, as you do it with passion, will not get to be hard for you to write an understandable post. Explain as much as you can so people can feel like, 'Ooh! This one is exceptional.' Readers intend to return when they get benefits.

Avoid misspelling of text and grammar, as may affect the readability by any means. Ensure that you write all spelling and grammar correctly to make it easy for readers to understand.

You can try tools like Grammarly for misspellings-free.

  • Write Many Articles 

One day in Quora, I read some of the case study from my sister Shweta Arora through her blogging journey. That post was extremely amazing. I've learnt that posting many articles in the first month of blogging is really a crucial thing.

What she says is posting as many articles as you can in the first month will help to give credits to other posts of your own through each article related. When the blog gets indexed on Google, you'll have a higher chance to appear on several results, which will increase getting more visitors. What to ensure is those posts are of good quality.

  • Submit To Search Engines

Here's the important thing... As a webmaster, consider submitting your blog to top search engines that could help you gain more visitors. You don't need any skills to do it, it's made to be simple for everyone... Above all, it's free.

Submitting your site/blog to Google or Bing could help your blog get indexed faster and lead to appear on searches when people look for something on the internet, articles which are related to what they search will get to appear in their eyes and this will increase the chance of getting more visitors.

Also, one thing that I've learned about blogging, try to control SEO as soon as possible. Mastering the Search Engine Optimization process the way it works and How to deal with, will simplify the work of increasing traffic to your blog. So I encourage you to deal with this too.

  • Believing in yourself

This one is very important. As we already said guys, blogging is about expressing your feelings. When you write is like you stand out in front of the community and talk to them. So be confident, and believe what you've written. Some people will like it, others will not. That's normal. You better still stand strong, the more confident you're, the better your engagement will make.

  • Share The Blog To Social Media And Engage With The Community

Promote your blog with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit. You should know that no one cares that you've started a blog. Promoting it to these networks helps you to be known to some of your friends, colleagues and community. Ask them what to improve in your posts, and what they need to read about. Such things help you improve your blog.

You don't need to spend a penny, besides of pay for ads, you can start by sharing with the groups and on forums.

Those were the strategies that I learn and wanted to share with you for today. To be honest, blogging is not that easy for sure. Like anything in life. To make money through it, you must work really hard. People end up quitting it because they think like starting a blog is about today and tomorrow you see money on the table. Honestly, there's no easy money like that. 

Just build it slowly, apply some strategies like the above one and add up other techniques. In the end, you will see the berries you planted.

And that is it, my fellow bloggers. If you've your own blogging tips, share them in the comment so others may learn the extra tips too.

Also, I encourage you to subscribe to my email news later below.

I wish you all good luck and happy blogging.
By: Belle Tech

Hi, this is Salum Belle. I like to write tech articles on my blog.

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