Quick and Easy Ways to Preview WhatsApp Voice Messages

Easy Way to Preview WhatsApp Voice Messages Before Sending It

One of the most valuable features available on WhatsApp is voice messages, which have instant delivery. This allows us to chat and communicate with others in an easier and faster way. Assume you're on the way and get a message from one of your colleagues. Instead of replying by typing the text, you hit the record button to give full details in a voice and send instantly. This saves time and keeps away from accidents which you can get while typing on the go.

But sometimes those voices got some background noise and be difficult for our mates to hear. To ensure that they heard clearly, we need to preview them before.

In this article, I'm going to show you the easy way you can use to preview (pre-listen) those voices before hitting the send button. I hope this will be a great and useful tip for all of us.

Straight forward to the tutorial...

How to preview voice messages

To preview voice messages, first, make sure the app is up to date, then do the following steps...

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Locate the chat you wanna send a voice to
  • Into the type place hit the mic button
  • Tap and hold it, and then you'll see the option to scroll it up or cancel by sliding to the left. You scroll up.
  • While recording your voice, the recording alert text will appear. Along the downside, you'll see the red pause icon. After finishing recording, hit that red icon, and you'll see the entire recorded voice appear.
  • Preview it by playing. You've the chance to continue recording by taping the red mic icon or tap send if you're cool with a preview.
See how simple it is?

Now let's say bye-bye to poor voice messages and let this trick fix them.

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Until the next one.
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