How to Upload Favicon On Blogger

How to Upload Favicon In Blogger

Hey, have you ever seen the icon/small image alongside the website that you visit? If so, then in case you don't know what we're going to learn today, that is what we call Favicon.

One of the best and easier ways for your blog to stay recognizable is to have a favicon. This is an image or logo which stays alongside the website.

Every blogger needs to have his/her favicon, as it helps to introduce the blog as well users can remember it next time by seeing the logo (favicon).

In this article am going to help you with the easier method of uploading a favicon in Blogger. It's very easy so stay tuned!

Upload Favicon In Blogger

Alright, so to ensure that everything goes well, you'll need to have a square image which represents your brand or blog. The image should have a maximum of 100KB or less.

If you got yourself in trouble, use the free online image resize tool. This will help to keep on that size and dimension.

Visit resize the image to kb100. Upload your image then on width and length set equal to 500*500, then hit the resize image button. Few seconds you'll see the result and the option to download your new resized image. 

How To Upload Favicon In Blogger

How To Upload Favicon In Blogger

Head to the Blogger dashboard. Click the settings button, and on the Basic tab find the favicon. Click on it you'll redirect to another page where we will finish the uploading process.

How To Upload Favicon In Blogger

Hit the choose file button, and select and open the image you once resize on the image resize website. Click save and you're done. The favicon will start appearing alongside your blog.

Why Favicon Matters?

  • It will help users remember the site/blog as it appears on the tab
  • Help the blog stay recognizable and brand awareness
  • It will boost the SEO and increase the CTR on searches
And many more advantages, but these are more crucial.

So, don't smash the time. Upload yours for more benefits on your blog.

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