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Insert Blank On WhatsApp Status & Name
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If you're reading this, then it's true that you've installed WhatsApp on your phone as the post gives a secret trick on how to keep blank status and name.

As we know, WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform. We regularly use this app for chatting and sharing some moments with our contacts/friends using the story feature.

We can add names to our WhatsApp accounts to be displayed in groups and contacts who are not on our list. Also, there is about status. This is like an account bio. We express our moods there.

But, let me ask you. Have you already seen someone keep blank on his/her about or name? I hope the answer will be no as the WhatsApp app never supports keeping blank on those sections.

Guess what? In this baffling tutorial, I'll show you the correct way to keep blank on the name and about. Hopefully, I can catch you off guard! Let's go!


Now, step by step.
  • Copy this sign here👉 ⇨ ຸ
  • Open your WhatsApp and go to settings
  • In the About section, edit your status by deleting everything and pasting the sign you copied above
  • Then remove/delete the arrow sign 
  • Save and boom, you're done. :)
You can do the same way to keep blank on the name too.

I can say that it's normal to see available, busy or urgent only on many people's accounts in WhatsApp, but keeping it blank will surprise a lot of your friends there. Go and try it yourself. I'll wait for the reactions of your friends in the comment section below. I'll be happy to read them Ha-ha.

Thank you for reading.
By: Belle Tech

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