How To Embed Facebook Page on Blogger Website: Page Plugins

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Adding a Facebook page to your blog is very crucial. Is the best way to engage with your readers and increase the chance of getting closer to your audience.

Also, it boosts the number of new followers. Users will have the option to follow your page even without leaving the site.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger Platform

Blogger, it's different from other blogging platforms. In WordPress, you've the option to apply Facebook plugin. In Blogger, you do it manually using the HTML code.

Get HTML code

Obtain the HTML code. We will use this during the installations. This is the first step. Visit on-page plugins on the Facebook developer's website.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

While you're on that page, just fill out the form correctly to make sure you do not link with a different page to yours. Enter the page URL, on tabs, is better to leave it empty. Check the width and height that will be suitable for your blog layout. It's optional, so leave it if you don't need it. Uncheck all boxes except Show Friend's Faces box. That way will look good. Then, click the Get Code button if you're already setting it all up clearly.

Copy The HTML Code

Now, the Facebook systems will generate a new HTML code for your embedded page.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

Will be two options there, Java scripts SDK and iFrame. Go to iFrame and copy the given HTML code. Don't confuse yourself. Copy the correct HTML code from the iFrame. Otherwise, the page won't appear on the site.

Install The HTML Code

The last step is to install the code on our blog so the page will start displaying.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

On your blogger dashboard, find the layouts tab then click on add a gadget.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

Choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget and click on it.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

Now, configure your gadget as u like on the title, then paste the HTML code on the content box. For example, on Title type, Follow us on Facebook while on content paste the code. Do not change anything. Click save.

Save the layout by clicking the memory icon that appeared down on the right of the screen.

How To Embed Facebook Page On Blogger

The page will now appear on your blogger blog. Confirm if everything is okay by visiting your blog.

I hope you've finally learned to embed the Facebook page on your blog. 

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