Essential Tips to To Ensure Security Of Your WhatsApp Account

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Enhance Account Security

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

WhatsApp is one of the messenger apps that is used by many people. For this reason, the WhatsApp team is working hard to ensure that everyone stays safe with their communication services. Every day is trying to figure out new ways of protecting users' data and privacy.

Default applies for some privacy features while the other features users must apply by him/herself, it is not simple for everyone to find out how to understand and apply, which is why I've come up with this article.

Today, I'm going to share with you the best privacy features that are important to apply to your WhatsApp account to keep you and your data safe. 

2 Step Verification

The first important feature is the set-up of two-step verification, which gives extra security to WhatsApp accounts. The pin will be required while registering a number on WhatsApp using the same device or a new one. This means in extra to the verification codes from SMS or call, you will need to enter the 2-step pin that you have set up.

Open WhatsApp then on settings click accounts. Tap on two-step verification and start setting it by clicking on the turn-on button. Create your pin by entering 6 digits. Choose that you'll remember and confirm it by entering it again. In the last step, provide and confirm the email address. You will use it to reset the pin in case you forgot it. It's optional, but I suggest adding it. Now, you have already turned on the two-step verification.

See screenshot below

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

End-to-end encrypted backup

Now, ensure that backup files are safe and private by adding end-to-end encrypts while backup your chats. In WhatsApp, End-to-end encrypting is a confidential communication system which means no one has access to the chats (not even WhatsApp). So when backup chats have End-to-end encrypted, means only you can view it. 

In settings, click privacy and continue by clicking on Privacy checkup notification. While you're there, click on Add more privacy to your chats, and then you'll see the End-to-end encrypted backups button. Click and hit the turn-on button below. The last step is to create a password to protect your encrypted backup. Create a password and confirm it by following the instructions on your phone. Hit create and the process of backup with encrypts will begin. 

See screenshots here

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

Default Message Timer

Enable this feature to ensure that every message disappears automatically after a certain period you've chosen. You can set it to 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. The messages will disappear to you and to whom you chat.

Go to privacy, then click on disappearing messages and turn on by opt-out the time to 24 hours, 7 days and/or 90 days. However, this will not affect the existing chats. To affect all, click on selecting them and mark who you want.

Screenshot below

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

Who Can View Profile Photo

With this feature, you can control who is going to see and/or view your profile pic. This is so useful for privacy as it helps to prevent the new contact from seeing your DP. 

To enable it, go to Settings then Privacy. Click on the profile photo. Now choose who you want to view your profile photo. Your contacts, Everyone or nobody, you're cool. For specific people, click on My Contacts Except and select the one who you don't need to see your profile photo.

Check the screenshot

Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

Who Can See Last Seen & Online

On WhatsApp, now, you can choose whether to share your last seen and online status or not. This will help to control your privacy as much as you like. If you don't want someone or all of your contact to see you when you are online or last seen, better to use this feature.

On to the privacy, click last seen and online. By default, you'll see the last seen set to everyone as well online. Prefer the way you like the same we did on Profile Photo.


Privacy Features You Need to Enable on WhatsApp To Improve Account Security

However, when you choose not to share your last seen and online status, you cannot see others' last seen too and online status. Hence, do not get surprised when you notice it.

Why is important to apply privacy features?

Privacy features give control to share your thought and feelings with whom you choose or want. This will help to keep your chats and data that you don't like to share with the public, private and safe as well as to strengthen your WhatsApp account from hackers and spies. Is not good for the public to see your conversation with family, business or partners. Imagine someone exposes the chats that you want to keep private. Won't it affect you by any means? It's better to take precautions. 

That's all for today. If you liked this article, do me a favour by sharing it with others. Until the next one. :)

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