How to generate a blogspot sitemap for free

How to Create And Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Google for Faster Indexing

Each website and blogs need to drive traffic. A simple way to get into this is by sharing the links to social networks and search engines.

Traffic from social networks is called social traffic, and search engine traffic is called organic traffic.

Today we will look at how a blog sitemap is created that can share links to search engines and gain organic traffic.

For new readers, if you are looking at how to create a free blogger blog, I've the article here you can check how to grab your free Blogspot blog.

What is Sitemap?

Before we move to the tutorial, it's better to know what is a sitemap

What I've understood about a sitemap is like on our earth, on a world map, we get to know each other's place, countries and continents. It would be difficult to know each other and where we are if we didn't have a map. In the same way as a site map, this contains all links and pages which show the structure of the blog. Google bot gets to know a blog/site via its map.

Webmasters inform search engines about pages and any changes to the blog that are available for crawling using a sitemap. This way simplifies and speeds up the process of a blog or site appearing on search engines. 

How to Create Your Blogspot Sitemap

Note: If you're using a custom domain, the blogger will generate the XML sitemap automatically for you. Just visit your blog URL and add /sitemap.xml at the end. For example,

However, it's crucial to have both the XML sitemap and the Atom sitemap because search engines like Yandex don't support Atom sitemap. Here, you'll use XML instead.

To create a Blogspot sitemap, the first thing is to log in to the Labnol Atom Sitemap-tool generator.

On the Blog URL box, paste your blog link and click generate, this work for both sub-domain ( and custom domain (.com)

You'll get something like this once you hit generate.
# Blogger Sitemap created on Sun, 23 Jul 2023 11:51:54 GMT
# Sitemap built with

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Copy all text and go back to your blogger dashboard.

Now straight into the settings, on Crawlers and Indexing, enable custom robot.txt then paste the generated sitemap on the Custom robot.txt box plus XML sitemap if you use a custom domain.

How to Create And Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Google for Faster Indexing

Replace Disallow: /search with Disallow: /None then hit save. This will tell the Google bot to crawl everything on the blog, including the search tag.

Now, the blog sitemap creation and connection have been successful. To confirm everything is ok, go to — You'll see something like this in the screenshot below.

How to Create And Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Google for Faster Indexing

Submit Blogspot Atom XML Sitemap To Google Search Console

Once you see the robots.txt link works correctly means everything is ok, so it's time to submit it on Google.

Now, open your Google Search Console. On the Sitemaps tab, paste your sitemap on Add a new sitemap and submit. The sitemap to submit here should look like this >> or

How to Create And Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Google for Faster Indexing

Up to there, we submit our blogspot sitemap to Search Console. It will take about 3-7 days for the blog to start appearing in search results.

Some pages may remain undiscovered for various reasons, so it's important to check frequently on the search console and fix any errors that may be causing undiscovered pages.


When creating a sitemap for your blog, it is important to consider best practices for optimizing it for better SEO. This can help ensure that your blog appears higher in search engine results and is more easily discoverable by readers. Some tips for optimizing your sitemap include relevant keywords in your URLs and titles, organizing your content logically and hierarchically, and regularly updating your sitemap to ensure it accurately reflects your blog's content. By following these best practices, you can create a sitemap that not only helps readers navigate your blog but also improves your blog's visibility and reach.

Until here I hope you understand what is a sitemap and how to create and submit for a Blogspot blog.

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