4 Websites For Royalty And Free Copyright Images For Blogging

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A digital creator or a blogger must need to create high-quality content that can catch the eye of a user. One of the most important things in creating content that can approach users is images. When the image looks good will attract users to dive into the topic. But, the question is where you can get those attraction images for free? 

Well, in this article am going to list at least four websites that provide the best royalty and free copyright images in high quality. I hope you like them.


Before we head over, I like to advise you to be careful before starting to use the images that you find to be free. Each free image platform has its terms. Not because it is free, then will not have limitations. Consider reading the terms of use and condition of each website to get full information on how to use their images. Remember, creating content was difficult, so better to play fair with each other. 


The first on my list is Pexels.com. This website provides the best images and videos. You can use them to create content and unique banners for marketing campaigns and share them on social media. I've been using their free images for four years now, and they are good.

Benefits of using pexels.com

  • All photos & videos are free to use
  • Attribution is not required. They do not force you to credit the photographer or Pexels themself.
  • You can either edit images and videos from pixels.com or use them as it is. The choice is yours.

You can read the full terms and conditions right here


The second one on the list is Unsplash.com. Is the most popular website that provides free high-resolution images. It has been owned by Getty Images since 2021. It generates about 13 billion photo impressions every month.

You can download and use Unsplash images for free on your project.

Benefits of using unsplash.com

  • Free to download and use all photos
  • It's allowed for commercial and non-commercial purpose
  • There's no need for permission
Read more about the licence and terms here


Another one on the list is pixabay.com. Users can use free royalty images and pictures from this website anywhere. Besides that, they also provide free royalty background music, beats, relaxing and vlogging music. So if you're a YouTube creator, this one can be more useful to you.

Benefits of using Pixabay

  • You can modify or edit the into a new look
  • You are not required to attribute the author
  • You can use all the content for free
Read more about licence and terms on Pixabay here


The last one for this article is Freepik.com. Freepik is an image bank website. You can use freepik to download and use free images, illustrations and vectors. Also, they provide free videos too. If you are looking for free videos to promote your ideas or products, then freepik will suit you.

Freepik is the best site for free vectors and illustrations however, you must attribute and credit to the author and the site alongside your project.

You can check the full terms and conditions of freepiks right here

If you're a newbie blogger, I always recommend you check out the licence on your blog. Avoid using the images indiscriminately without regard for the rights or permission. This will help you more in your career. Your blog will grow. Remember, a blog with more copyright cases will not last much. Search engines will break down the blog and will lead to the loss of new readers you could gain.

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Photo by cottonbro studio: https://www.pexels.com/
By: Belle Tech

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