How to edit WhatsApp Messages: New Feature

How to edit WhatsApp Messages

Sending a message with a mistake is annoying sometimes. Assume you've got to write wife, but you wrote knife :( I think it's boring. Due to that, the WhatsApp team comes with this new cool feature. 

Now you can edit all messages you sent with mistakes as faster than needed. What do you think? It's cool, right? Now let us see how to use this amazing feature.

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The process is quietly simple. What to do is to.

Download the latest version of the official WhatsApp on Google Play/App Store or a mod for extra features.

Now, to edit a message, open the App, find the message and tap it. You'll see three dots in the top right corner of the chat. Tap these to choose 'edit' and send. Boom! you've done it. See how simple it is?

I hope that WhatsApp users will love the new update, which allows them to edit messages they have sent by mistake. However, the option is last for fifteen minutes. I don't know why but somehow is useful.

Let me know how do you rate the WhatsApp team for this update? Comment below.

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