How to add a business to Google Map: Listed on Google for free

How to add a business to Google Map

Adding your business to Google Maps is beneficial for reaching new customers.

Follow this post step by step to get your business to Google Maps without any cost.

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Sign in to your Google accounts on the Google Business page.


Now to get your business discovered on Google search, maps you need to enter some details like name and other important things. So enter the name of the business and click on continue, then choose your business type, whether it's online or local and when you're done click next. 

Enter your website link if applicable, then add a business category and click next.

Add your business address to show customers your physical location.

Done? Now show where you are located by a map, use GPS for better results. Click next if it's done and add your business phone number. This will help customers get in touch with you using the number you've added.

Now it's time to put your business on the map. What you need is to click on continue and verify that you own the business by verifying your phone number or email. Once verified, you'll need to add business hours, then next and give the option for the customers to send messages. Click next and give descriptions of your business. Then next, add images. These images will show off the products and services you offer in your business.

When you're done with that click next, and Google will give you the option to advertise your business on Google search. You can choose if you need, but for now, I'll skip this step and boom! You've done it. Your business will now be visible on Map and searches.


In this post, I hope you learned how to add the business to Google Maps.

Hints: Optimize your business awareness and trust by updating the name of your company/business the same as it's on your site and local store. Also, make sure the description matches the same on your site and all social media. This will improve the SEO.

Thank you — see you in the next post.

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